Toward Singularity in Biotechnology - DeLong, Endy, Bergeron and Hood discussed system biology

Another great FiB podcast produced by the TWiT Network, and Mark Pelletier from Yale School of Medicine. He assembled a panel of scientists and engineers to discuss the future of biotechology: Ed DeLong from MIT represented the field of Metagenomics, Drew Endy (MIT) the field of Engineering or synthetic genomics, John Bergeron (McGill University) the field of proteomics and Lee Hood (Institute for Systems Biology in Seatle) the field of systems biology.

The panel discusses how metagenomics, synthetic genomics, proteomics are all converging towards a better understanding at the system level of the environment or the human body.

Another great podcast that puts everything into perspectives. Sciences as it is practiced today is a real multidisciplinary approach and true convergence of all these disciplines will make major advances toward a better understand of the planet or the human body as a global ecosystems.