Podcast features Metagenomics

I recently came across a podcast entitled "Future in Biotechnology" from the TWiT.tv podcast network, this week in technology (TWIT). Marc Pelletier, a canadian from Montreal, who is now working at Yale School of Medicine, interviews scientists that are making major impact in science and technology. There are two episodes I would most recommend listening to. The first episode is with Drew Endy, from MIT, a founder of the private synthetic biology company Codon Devices, is also a founder of the MIT-based BioBricks Foundation. The foundation promotes an open-source registry of modular DNA parts that can be used like Legos for the creation of designer organisms. Already more than 300 such parts are registered on the Web site. The BioBricks Foundation also advocates for the responsible and ethical use of synthetic biology. Drew gives amazing talks and his interview is as entertaining as his talks, with great science.
The second episode is an interview with Ed Delong, also from MIT, talking about environmental metagenomics. The episode nicely follows Drew Endy's interview, and Ed DeLong does a great job a linking the two. This interview could be use as an educational tool as part of a lecture on metagenomics and its implications in studying the environments. Ed Delong is one of the pioneer in environmental metagenomics. Definitively worth listening.

Also, if you are like me and enjoy everything about the Macintosh, check out the other TWiT podcasts. Leo Laporte knows a lot abut technology and he is very entertaining. I would recommend listening to MacBreak Weekly for Mac news and views.

I attended the NIH sponsored workshop on the Human Microbiome Project, and I am preparing a report. Stay tune. In the meantime, if you can read the views of Jonathan Eisen or Steven Salzberg.